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The Butterfly Yoga Trust

                                                ‘Making Yoga Accessible for Everyone’

The Butterfly Yoga Trust is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company which has been set up with the main aim of providing yoga to people who would not usually have the opportunity to experience the benefits.

The Butterfly Yoga Trust provides yoga to groups of people, young and old, mainly from disadvantaged and vulnerable communities. The classes are held in spaces that will be accessible and familiar to them, with the intention of integrating it within the community.

The Trust has been set up to work within specific target groups and alongside other projects already in place.

These include the following:

•Young mothers-to-be as part of ongoing programmes that have been developed by local Primary Care trusts and Sure start programmes

•Pregnant women with HIV

•Children in schools that are under funded or have no available budget for extra curricular activities.

•Women who have suffered domestic violence, sex workers and those who belong to marginalised groups of society

•Men and women with mental health problems currently resident in psychiatric wards and in community settings.

We are always looking for more ideas and groups so please let us know if you have any ideas or work with a group of people you feel would benefit from yoga.

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